CEG Digital

What we do

Our vision for online learning

CEG Digital is proud to offer a range of services to enable universities to provide global access to their higher education programmes. Our vision - in partnership with a select portfolio of high-ranking universities - is to become the world's leading provider of online and blended higher education.

How we unlock the online learning market

Leveraging decades of global higher education experience, CEG Digital provides a unique combination of financial resources, teaching expertise, and global market knowledge and insights to unlock the online learning market for both students and universities.

We provide:

  • Development of new and/or conversion of existing courses – in close collaboration with university academics – to make them accessible online to a global market
  • Academic conversion led by Learning Designers and Web Developers
  • E-learning tutor recruitment, management and training
  • Organisation of face-to-face workshops, as required
  • An online learning management system
  • Dedicated pastoral and administrative support teams
  • A global sales team engaging with international agents, corporate and government channels
  • A direct sales conversion team, admissions support and enrolment services

To see our expertise in action, watch the video below to find out about the online learning experience at Falmouth Flexible – one of our valued university partners.

Course design and development

Our Academic Development team provides four integrated, specialist services that can be tailored to suit your course creation requirements.

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Why choose CEG Digital as your online learning partner

Global demand for post-secondary education is expected to rise from 165m in 2013 to 263m by 2025, an unprecedented increase concentrated in developing economies. There’s an insurmountable supply gap, and while technological developments have enabled universities to explore new modes of delivery, transitioning to high-quality full university programmes at scale requires dedicated resources, funding and a larger capacity for risk than most institutions are willing to bear.

This is where CEG Digital can help!

We promote university courses worldwide, and provide all the upfront capital you need to kickstart your entry into the global online learning market. Students are taught by online tutors – who we recruit on your behalf and report to university faculty. You retain full control and all IP of the academic material, and overall control of quality-assurance.

Student support is key to the CEG Digital model – we know that online students need to be confident they’re getting the support they need. Our student advisers provide students with friendly routine advice about work-life balance, how to be an effective online learner, and their progression through the course. 

We can also organise optional face-to-face events for our partner universities, giving online students a valuable opportunity to network with their peers and academic staff and gain experiential learning. These events enable further exploration of topics related to course content, and offer a wider industry context for students’ learning.

Take a look at one of Falmouth Flexible's face-to-face events:

How you can benefit from our expertise

  • Take your programmes to new, currently untapped global audiences
  • Increase student volumes without the stress on your physical infrastructure –  enabling you to scale rapidly
  • Acquire the foundation for a robust digital learning strategy
  • Develop newly-structured online programmes in various areas of expertise
  • Access a global marketing and sales network for your online, blended and on-campus programmes
  • Gain the opportunity to monetise historical and ongoing investments in open educational resources