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In response to COVID-19, we're using our expertise in online education to provide free resources for educators looking to ensure the best possible online learning experience for their students. 

CEG Digital is running 4 free courses - all with Online Tutors and weekly peer discussions 

This is your chance to share issues and ideas specific to your programme at your institution with colleagues from across the sector.

In each of our courses you will be introduced to key concepts, frameworks and strategies related to the topic area in question. You will then do a short project, in which you will apply the approaches you’ve learned to produce a draft design/activity plan for a unit of learning and discuss this with your classmates. The week concludes with an opportunity to reflect on the week’s activity, followed by a live webinar.

It is expected that all courses should take no more than 4 hours of total time, in order to meet the learning outcomes.

Please expand the sections below to view the course details and then register your interest. 

1. Preparing to Support Online Students

Free 1-week online course

Join us for a short course exploring practical ways of supporting your students in their sudden move online. Explore how to create an online central student hub of services; create a virtual welcome week for new students; and methods for supporting students administratively during the teaching block.

Containing activities designed to help you plan effectively and produce useful, clear content for your students, this course makes use of CEG Digital's experience in providing support to our hundreds of existing online students. The course is designed to be completed in around 4 hours over a week and concludes with a live webinar where our Student Experience Managers will be on hand to answer your questions and give real life examples of their own work.

2. Online Teaching and Learning

Free 1-week online course

Teaching an online cohort presents unique challenges. Online students are geographically dispersed and socially isolated from their classmates, which impacts on their needs and expectations. Effective teaching strategies are key to keeping students motivated, maintaining engagement with learning activities and thereby improving student outcomes.

In this course we will be exploring some fundamental online teaching concepts and strategies, plus sharing practical tips, based on direct experience, that you will be able to apply when teaching in a fully online learning environment. Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to pause and reflect on the learning that is taking place. Ideally, you will be also sharing views, considerations and plans with peers, with the aim of forming communities of practice, which you can continue to engage with beyond the scope of this course.

3. Online Assessment

Free 1-week online course

The sudden closure of University campuses has forced institutions and their teaching staff to consider alternative ways of assessing their students. When adapting an assessment and feedback strategy for the online environment, it is always worth keeping in mind the key roles that assessment and feedback play in your overall learning design.

In this 1-week course on online assessment, we will be looking at concepts, strategies and tips which you can use when designing and implementing an assessment and feedback strategy in a fully online learning environment. You will explore some key principles and get familiar with some useful, practical tools. You will then put what you’ve learnt into practice by designing and evaluating a fully-online assessment and feedback strategy in your own teaching context.

4. Learning Design

Free 1-week online course

When creating learning experiences for online students it is essential to remember that each student is working predominantly in isolation. Each student in an online cohort will approach their studies slightly differently, with different preferences, different expectations, different needs, and at different times. This makes it essential that we design the activities and structure the learning journey in a way that is flexible, clear and robust enough to accommodate this diversity and ensure that every student is given the best possible opportunity to excel.

At CEG Digital we apply a bespoke Learning Design framework to optimise our courses in this way. To find out more, why not join our 1-week course (expectation of 4 hours), aimed at lecturers in HE, that will take you through some fundamentals of ‘Designing for Online Learners’.

How to join our online courses  

To join, register your details and then select the course(s) you're interested in when you create an account with our online learning platform. 

Courses start on Monday 20 April with the first weekly webinar held on Friday 24 April. They’ll be running weekly until there’s no longer demand.  

See you there!

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Podcast - What implications will Coronavirus have on higher education?

Geoff Webster, Managing Director of CEG Digital, recently did a podcast with The Spencer Group, where he considered the impact of COVID-19 on edtech in the higher education space and higher education as a whole. Listen below:

On-demand webinar - best practices in online teaching, learning, assessment and student support

Join CEG Digital's Head of Academic Research Dr Maria Toro Troconis for a webinar on best practices in online teaching, learning assessment and student support, presented by CEG Digital and the Open University.

Guest speakers on the panel were:

  • Gerald Evans, Head of Learning Design, Open University
  • Gill Macmillan, Senior Learning Designer, Open University
  • Mark Williams, Learning Designer, Open University 
  • Dario Faniglione, Online Tutor, Falmouth University's online PGCHE
  • Mohamed Mahayni, Online Tutor, Queen Mary University of London's LLM in International Dispute Resolution 
  • Annie Priddey, Student Experience Manager, the University of Hull Online

The panellists focused on the following topics:​

  • Online student support and wellbeing​
  • Online teaching and learning 
  • Online assessment​

There was also a Q&A session with the panel.​

Watch the on-demand webinar now:


You can also view the webinar slides as a PDF.

Video resources 

How do you support students through challenging circumstances? What's the best way to create effective learning experiences on online platforms and keep students engaged? And how do you assess student progress without physical exams?

We can help answer these questions.

Expand the sections below for video resources in our four areas of expertise:

Online Support and Wellbeing

Video - Supporting Online Students

Watch a discussion with one of CEG Digital's Centre Heads and our Student Experience Managers on how to support and encourage online learners.


Online Teaching and Learning

Video - Challenges of Online Teaching 

Dario Faniglione (Online Tutor, PGCHE, Falmouth Flexible) discusses the current challenges in online teaching, sharing his experience as an online tutor.

Video - Online Teaching Top Tips 

Mohammed Mahayni (Online Tutor, LLM International Dispute Resolution, Queen Mary Online) discusses the current opportunities in online teaching, sharing his experience as an online tutor.

Online Assessment

Video - Online Assessment Top Tips 

Mark Williams (Learning Designer, The Open University) and Dr Maria Toro-Troconis (Head of Academic Research and Quality, CEG Digital) discuss the challenges of moving face to face assessment to online delivery with practical recommendations.

Video - Closed vs Open Book Exams

Dr Maria Toro-Troconis (Head of Academic Research and Quality, CEG Digital) discusses alternatives to face to face assessment.

Learning Design

Video - Best Practices in Learning Design

Gerald Evans (Head of Learning Design at The Open University) and Dr Maria Toro-Troconis (Head of Academic Research and Quality at CEG Digital) discuss best practices in the design of online programmes and the pedagogic models followed in both institutions.


Online teaching resource list

Take a look at our curated list of resources for education providers moving teaching and learning online:

Wonkhe: The clock is ticking on a decision about September entry

The Times Higher Education: Strategise now to teach students online for the long term

Inside Higher Ed: Guidance on teaching an online course for the first time

JISC: Ensuring continuity of learning during enforced absence

Centre for Experimental Humanities: Creative assignment ideas for teaching at a distance

University of Bristol: Assessment options when teaching online

University of Liverpool: Remote teaching guidance

NYU Shanghai: Digital teaching toolkit

UK Copyright Literacy: Copyright, fair dealing and online teaching at a time of crisis

Sally Brown: Assessment alternatives at a time of university closures