The move to online and hybrid learning at universities

Tue 15 Sep 2020

CEG Digital's Managing Director Geoff Webster comments on how universities are preparing for the upcoming semester.

The move to online and hybrid learning at universities

Universities around the world have been making plans for the new semester, and many are introducing or continuing with online or hybrid learning as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CEG Digital's Managing Director Geoff Webster has spoken to The PIE News about the preparations higher education providers have been making over the last few months. 

In an article on the website for professionals in international education, he said:

"The difference between the summer term and what universities are doing now is that over the summer, most of them have run training programs for staff about how to teach optimally online. They’ve also been training and working with their in-house tech teams to help them better shape content for online delivery. They’ve upgraded how they are moderating and setting up discussion forums for cohorts every week."


Geoff Webster, Managing Director of CEG Digital

The article also looks beyond the upcoming semester, to 2021. Geoff comments that if students are asked to accept online or hybrid learning in January, then "tension around the quality of what universities are producing and delivering to their students and what the students’ hopes and expectations are will get more and more strained."

He continues, “There will be no choice for universities but to embark on massive upgrades in terms of online pedagogy, online structure and online delivery at a total cost to the sector of multiple millions of pounds."

It's going to be interesting few months for the sector! You can read the full article on the Pie News website.

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