Professor Manuel Frutos-Perez on learning design in the post COVID-19 era

Tue 03 Nov 2020

CEG Digital's Director of Business Development led a session for the World Association for Sustainable Development.

Professor Manuel Frutos-Perez on learning design in the post COVID-19 era

The World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) recently held a virtual session on Online Learning the New Normal Post Covid-19 (Learning Design, AI and Remote Learning).

CEG Digital's Director of Business Development, Professor Manuel Frutos-Perez, gave a talk on learning design in the post Covid-19 era. He examined some of the issues that are emerging from the current situation, such as the move to online largely seeing a continuation of the delivery structures that had been put in place for face-to-face teaching.

It is an experience that was not designed for online learning, and therefore it is unlikely to be optimal for that mode of delivery. This could lead to develop misperceptions that online learning is inferior to face-to-face learning.

Professor Frutos-Perez then explored some key principles of digital learning design and online education, and the practical steps that can be taken to improve the experience of students.

You can watch the full session in the video below:

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