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Online teaching and learning

Looking to keep online students engaged with learning?  

CEG Digital has experience of developing effective teaching strategies that keep students motivated and engaged with learning, thereby improving student outcomes. We share advice and resources to help you move teaching and learning online.


  • Free 1-week online course - online teaching and learning

    Teaching an online cohort presents unique challenges. Online students are geographically dispersed and socially isolated from their classmates, which impacts on their needs and expectations.

    Effective teaching strategies are key to keeping students motivated, maintaining engagement with learning activities and thereby improving student outcomes. 

    In this course we will be exploring some fundamental online teaching concepts and strategies, plus sharing practical tips, based on direct experience, that you will be able to apply when teaching in a fully online learning environment. 

    Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to pause and reflect on the learning that is taking place. Ideally, you will be also sharing views, considerations and plans with peers, with the aim of forming communities of practice, which you can continue to engage with beyond the scope of this course. 

    This is your chance to share issues and ideas specific to your programme at your institution with colleagues from across the sector.

    You will be introduced to key concepts, frameworks and strategies related to online teaching and learning. You will then do a short project, in which you will apply the approaches you’ve learned to produce a draft design/activity plan for a unit of learning and discuss this with your classmates. 

    The week concludes with an opportunity to reflect on the week’s activity, followed by a live webinar. It is expected that the course should take no more than 4 hours of total time, in order to meet the learning outcomes.  

    Register your interest and we'll let you know about future running dates for the course.

  • On-demand webinar snippet - online teaching top tips

    Mohammed Mahayni (Online Tutor, LLM International Dispute Resolution, Queen Mary Online) discusses the current opportunities in online teaching, sharing his experience as an Online Tutor.

  • On-demand webinar snippet - challenges of online teaching

    Dario Faniglione (Online Tutor, PGCHE, Falmouth Flexible) discusses the current challenges in online teaching, sharing his experience as an Online Tutor.

  • Full on-demand webinar - best practice in online teaching, learning, assessment and student support

    Join CEG Digital's Head of Academic Research Dr Maria Toro Troconis for a webinar on best practice in online teaching, learning assessment and student support, presented by CEG Digital and the Open University.

    Guest speakers on the panel were:

    • Gerald Evans, Head of Learning Design, Open University
    • Gill Macmillan, Senior Learning Designer, Open University
    • Mark Williams, Learning Designer, Open University 
    • Dario Faniglione, Online Tutor, Falmouth University's online PGCHE
    • Mohamed Mahayni, Online Tutor, Queen Mary University of London's LLM in International Dispute Resolution 
    • Annie Priddey, Student Experience Manager, the University of Hull Online

    The panelists focused on the following topics:​

    • Online student support and wellbeing​
    • Online teaching and learning 
    • Online assessment​

    There was also a Q&A session with the panel.​