Assessing Student Engagement in Online Programmes

Tue 26 Nov 2019

CEG Digital's learning design framework has been featured in The International Journal of Higher Education.

Assessing Student Engagement in Online Programmes

Dr Maria Toro-Troconis, Head of Academic Research and Quality at Cambridge Education Group, and Professor Manuel Frutos-Perez, Business Development Director, have been published in the December 2019 issue of the International Journal of Higher Education.

This prestigious journal publishes research articles bimonthly in fields such as educational theory, teaching method, and instructional design, at both undergraduate level and graduate levels.

Dr Toro-Troconis and Professor Frutos-Perez’s paper presents the learning design framework used in the design of the Falmouth Flexible’s Online MA in Photography, a partnership between Falmouth University and CEG Digital.

It discusses the importance of evaluating the success of online learning programmes by analysing learning analytics and student feedback within the overall pedagogic context and design of the programme.

The research explored student engagement with online content that promoted low-order cognitive skills (i.e. watching videos, reading materials and listening to podcasts) as well as high-order cognitive skills (i.e. participating in online forums and webinars).

This research shows evidence of participation in collaborative activities having a positive effect on student performance. These findings will inform Research and Development activities focused on online collaborative tools to further encourage and support the design and delivery of collaborative and experiential activities.

You can read the full paper online:

Toro-Troconis, M., Alexander, Frutos-Perez, M., (2019). ‘Assessing Student Engagement in Online Programmes: Using Learning Design and Learning Analytics‘. International Journal of Higher Education; 8:6, pp 171-183. DOI:


If you would like to find out more about CEG Digital’s learning design framework and how we can help you take your courses to a global online market, please get in touch with either Dr Maria Toro-Troconis [email protected] or Professor Manuel Frutos-Perez ([email protected]).


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