Could COVID-19 prove a turning point for online education?

Wed 10 Jun 2020

CEG Digital's Managing Director spoke to The PIE Review about the growth of online education partnerships and the differing needs of online students.

Could COVID-19 prove a turning point for online education?

CEG Digital's Managing Director Geoff Webster has spoken to The PIE Review about the shift to online education following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Speaking in the latest edition of the magazine for professionals in international education, he said:

"It's an early stage market, even before coronavirus,with massive opportunity because universities have been talking about how to get more into the online space for a while. The conversation when I first started this four or five years ago was whether they were going to do it. Now, it's how are they going to do it?"

Geoff Webster, Managing Director of CEG Digital

Many online education partnerships are geared towards postgraduates, and Geoff also discussed the differing needs of this audience, who are likely to be in employment already, and looking to boost their career opportunities:

"You're addressing a segment of the market who don't have time to give up their jobs and come to the UK to study for a year full-time.The average age of our students is 38, so it's quite a different demographic."

You can read the full article in the online version of The PIE Review

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