Online and Blended Learning Reimagined: Co-creating Better Futures

Mon 04 Nov 2019

CEG Digital's Director of Business Development will lead a session on online and blended learning at a conference in Dublin.

Online and Blended Learning Reimagined: Co-creating Better Futures

The 28th ICDE World Conference on Online Learning, taking place in Dublin from 3-7 November 2019, is one of the largest and most prestigious international conferences in the area.

The 2019 conference theme of “Transforming Lives and Societies” anchors the growth of new models of open, online and digital learning in a number of big questions and the wider context of the Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to explore many of the contemporary problems and opportunities facing today’s educators in the globally connected digital-era.

Professor Manuel Frutos-Perez, Director Of Business Development for CEG Digital, is leading a session at the conference called 'Online and Blended Learning Reimagined: Co-creating Better Futures'.

He will give the audience an overview of the latest trends in online learning and will focus on best practice applied to supporting international students on online and blended programmes.

The principles presented will be contextualised in existing online postgraduate programmes from universities such as Queen Mary University of London and Falmouth University, developed in partnership with CEG Digital.

Find out more about Professor Frutos-Perez's session at the World Conference on Online Learning here.